Due to COVID-19 complications and other unforeseen circumstances, all services are currently suspended. I hope to resume services in the summer of 2021.

Angela Allen believes that the dog in your life should be an enriching part of your home dynamic. She would love to help you reach your goals by achieving clear and concise communication with your canine family member. 

Angela has been around dogs most of her life. Her first competition dog was a border collie mix that she rescued in 2005. She took Ridglie to a local pet supply store for puppy training, and their love for training grew. Together they obtained several titles and certifications in Rally, Obedience, Herding, and scent detection.

Angela was in an immersive dog training program at US Tactical K9, inc. For several years she learned to train dogs for a wide range of skills, from basic obedience and home manners to competitive titles in conformation and performance events, and ultimately service K9s for law enforcement, search and rescue, and dogs to assist those with disabilities.

During her training, she acquired a German Shepherd puppy and became a Private Investigator and K9 team with Ezekiel von Erzengel. She and Zeke achieved many certifications in personal protection, search and rescue, narcotics, and human remains detection. They also earned titles in UKC conformation, protection sports, agility, and AKC rally, obedience, and herding. Over the years, she achieved AKC & UKC conformation and performance titles for a number of her dogs. She also helped clients achieve titles on their dogs through training and handling. 

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