Advanced Skills Class

The Advanced Skills class focuses on the skills required to succeed in sports such as Rally, Obedience, Trick Dog, and Beginner Agility. In this class you and your dog will learn more about body awareness, off-leash control, rules & regulations to participate in Dog Sports, precision, building a retrieve, etc.

This class will have a co-instructor, Val Petronella, who trains many dogs each year through her training program, Scholars N Collars. Having two instructors provides a second set of eyes and ideas to help troubleshoot the challenges you will face with your dog as you take your training to the next level. Val also works closely with the Therapy Dog group at Abilene Regional Medical Center and is a great resource for many students who have therapy dog aspirations with their canine companion! You can read more about Val and her experience with dogs here:

CGC title or equivalent approval from an instructor is a prerequisite to participate in the Advanced Skill Class.

This is an ongoing monthly membership class, members who meet the prerequisites can join at any time. Please fill out the Advanced Group Class Intake & Liability Form | to enroll!

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