*TEMPORARILY CLOSED* Puppy 101 Seminars

Puppy fever is real. They are so cute and adorable and you just want to hug them and pet them and squeeze them … but then the reality of pee and poop, and barking, and crying, and biting all hits and you’re left feeling overwhelmed. The first few weeks at home are critical to puppy development and establishing good habits in your home! The Puppy 101 Seminar is for new puppy owners, or owners to-be, to discuss best practices for the first month at home with a puppy. We will discuss the most important supplies, schedule, socialization, how to play, encourage problem-solving, and how to address the unwanted behaviors. There will be time for Q&A for your individual circumstances. If you have a puppy who has been appropriately vaccinated they are welcome to attend with you, but this seminar is helpful for humans to attend without their dog also.

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